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". I would congratulate my colleague, Erika Mann, on her report on EU-US economic relations. Yet while doing so I would enter a reservation. I have always taken the line that the deepening of the Union is as important, if not more important, than its widening. Here there is the call for the creation of a free-trade area with the US by 2015. I am not against it in principle. It really depends on other developments. I have not been fighting to protect a social dimension to the Union, vital for ordinary Europeans, to allow it to be sold out via the back door by the creation of a gigantic free trade area. I have always told progressive and trade union opponents in the OG of NAFTA that they are missing the point. They should not be opposing close economic integration with Mexico, Canada, which will inevitably accompany globalisation, but rather demand its democratisation through the creation of a NAFTA parliamentary assembly to promote a social dimension."@en1

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