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". The United States of America is Europe’s biggest and best ally. Any discussion on relations between the two sides of the Atlantic should be based on this premise, and on two other key ideas. The fact that we are potential competitors in various areas does not dilute our alliance; nor does the fact that we are such good allies blind us to reality. We are different entities with projects, proposals and interests that do not always coincide, but we are partners with the same view of society and the same concept of human community. In recent years, difficulties have come to light that, in many cases, can be resolved. The idea that the United States engendered an internal split in Europe is false. The truth of the matter is that the EU is not itself a single whole with a single vision of the realities of external politics. Let us therefore focus on the factors that make our relationship strong, and leave aside the ideological prejudices that are so evident in some of the disputes that will always occur when the two sides of the Atlantic come together."@en1

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