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". The friendly relationship, quite naturally, that we have with the United States does not imply that we are trailing behind them for the sake of defending interests that are not our own. That is what they would like. We do not. Our interest is to have a European currency, if indeed there has to be one in that form, which stands out as the currency of reference in relation to the dollar and not the reverse; it is that developing countries should experience balanced development, albeit in the shelter of cautious protectionism; it was to have NATO in opposition to the Warsaw Pact, but since the Warsaw Pact has disappeared, NATO’s legitimacy as a tool of American dominance is no longer justified; it is not taking part in all the wars in which we do not have to intervene; it is that Latin America, by virtue of its links with Portugal and Spain, does not constitute a backyard of the United States. Saying all this is not to say one is an enemy of the United States, but it is being patriotic and concerned for one’s own country."@en1

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