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". I should like to restate what I said in October 2004 on this matter. We are vehemently opposed to terrorism, and with total solidarity, sympathise with the terrible suffering of its victims and their families. There is no doubt whatsoever that this appalling, barbaric attack on fundamental rights is the biggest struggle currently facing democracies. The tragedies of 11 September and 11 March are a major example of this and still uppermost in our thoughts. Yet in the course of this struggle, the west also needs to maintain the highest moral standards, and must set an impeccable example in terms of the values that it holds dear. In this respect, we would like clarifications of the cases in which there have been violations of human rights, of fundamental guarantees and of the universal conventions to which we have signed up. We feel that the civilisation values in which we believe must be upheld. I therefore supported the postponement of the vote in order to ensure that a more mature and better-informed decision be taken in two weeks’ time in Strasbourg."@en1

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