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". Whilst the most recent developments in Israel have been welcome, not least the results achieved by a party that is clearly seeking dialogue and agreement, the same cannot be said of the election results in the Palestinian Authority, where the outcome, although regular from the point of view of electoral legality, is doubly worrying. First and foremost, a political group that does not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and as such fails to meet one of the prerequisites for the peace process, was able to gain power. It also showed that, in the election, the people under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority did not prioritise a negotiated settlement to this age-old conflict. Against this backdrop, the EU and all of the Quartet must agree on the next steps. We need to be firm with the PA government, but open to President Mahmood Abbas and his initiatives in search of a general agreement on the only acceptable solution, which is the peaceful coexistence of two States. In view of the importance of the role of EU donor, let us hope that on this external front, 'Europe’ proves itself equal to the task of exerting a positive influence on the situation."@en1

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