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". It is always appropriate to highlight the responsibility that falls to the law, to the Member States and to the Union to attach priority to promoting children’s rights, and especially so today, which is World Children’s Day. Children are our future and make up around one fifth of the population of the EU. I support the creation of this Framework Decision on the recognition and enforcement in the EU of prohibitions arising from convictions for sexual offences committed against children, and the amendments tabled by the rapporteur. This is a crucial step towards improving cooperation between the Member States in protecting children. Furthermore it has a twofold purpose: to improve access to information on prohibitions, through compulsory registration of prohibition in the criminal record; and to make it compulsory to enforce them. It will accordingly be possible to stop a person who has been convicted of paedophilia in one Member State, and has been banned from any activity involving contact with children, from sidestepping that ban by moving to another Member State. A disqualification of this nature handed down in one Member State will have a legal effect in the other Member States, thereby broadening the implementation of the principle of mutual recognition of disqualifications and prohibitions."@en1

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