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". How can one have a cultural exchange with another if one does not know who one is? You recognise that ‘religious identity is an essential part of the identity for all of us, even those who are not religious’, but you refused to recognise our Christian roots in your Constitution which is, happily for us, dead and buried. What are we talking about then? Amendment 9 speaks of ‘intercultural civility’, but that is a contradiction in terms, otherwise civility no longer means anything! The addition of fine, high-flown words often just ends up meaning nothing. The result of your approach is relativism and betrayal: you want to promote the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue at the Olympic Games in Beijing and thus serve as a spare wheel for a Communist dictatorship (Amendment 38)! What a disgrace! You are going to talk about intercultural dialogue with Tibet, no doubt? This initiative on its own disqualifies your proposal."@en1

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