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"Mr President, my colleagues and I have voted against this Hennicot-Schoepges report, because the so-called European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, an initiative that, by the way, is going to set us back EUR 10 million, is yet another example of how official Europe is blind to the reality actually experienced by the public. This reality is that Europe accommodates an ever growing number of Muslims who not only refuse to adapt to common European values, but who also want to impose their own world view and their way of life on us. For example, German public opinion no longer believes in a dialogue with a religion that refuses to accept basic values such as gender equality. Germans have had enough of honour killings, large-scale violence in schools and burkas on the streets. A recent opinion poll conducted by the showed that more than 71% of Germans think that Islam is intolerant; 91% of Germans equate Islam with violence against women. Official Europe would do well to take those signals a little more seriously."@en1

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