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"Mr President, in the same way as most of you, I too have been deeply shocked by the number of racially motivated murders that have taken place in some European countries recently. These were examples of the most blatant and horrific manifestation of racism and xenophobia. There are, however, other forms which are not so visible and yet which harm greater numbers of people. I would like to believe that the actions planned in support of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, and above all intercultural dialogue itself, will manage to subdue the nationalistic mood right across the Union. I consider 2008 to be the right time for this, in view of the fact that by then the European Union will have increased to 27 Member States. It is, however, necessary to create initiatives based on the sort of practical and sustainable projects that will continue even after 2008. For these reasons I regard the report we have just adopted as a step in the right direction."@en1

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