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". The Commission’s proposal will plug a gap in public health, which has long existed in the EU and which has, in some cases, led to dependence on the US or Asian pharmaceutical industry. The creation of specific medicines for children, rather than the usual reduced dose, will be better suited to their metabolism and will provide faster and more effective treatment. Along with the obligation to offer a ‘risk management system’ for such medicines prior to their introduction on the market, an extremely important measure has been created that will eliminate, or at least reduce, the risks and deliver effective treatment for a group as vulnerable as the paediatric population. The rapporteur has attached due importance to carrying out research into ensuring that such medicines can be used by children without hindering the development of those medicines for adults. It will also, in some cases, facilitate a deferral request regarding the submission of the ‘paediatric investigation plan’, without delaying the placing on the market of the adult version. I endorse the Commission’s proposal and the Grossetête report."@en1

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