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". Constant economic problems in developing countries, particularly in Africa, prevent growth and, at worst, give rise to war and famine. Besides globalisation, the prime cause of the problem stems from corruption which is widespread at national as well as at local level. This curse is linked with lack of supervision and misappropriation of actually quite substantial international aid. Just like us, their families must be able to live by their work. Agriculture, craft industry, and industry must continue to hold their own, while at the same time employment in the tertiary sector must grow within a healthy community framework, making possible a virtuous economic and social circle. This hope must not be a pretext for a falsely naive discussion. Yes, we want to and must support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) in developing countries but as long as ‘cooperation’ goes with ‘corruption’, it will be impossible to help these countries to take responsibility for the welfare of their people. Redefinition of controlled and conditional cooperation must not be a pretext for mollycoddling but for settling down and developing a sense of responsibility. This new cooperation will restore hope to young people in these countries so that they do not end up as illegal immigrants washed up on the shores of a Europe that is already overwhelmed by unemployment."@en1

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