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". Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at the economic heart of our countries, the real creators of jobs and of wealth. That is why we can only commend the rapporteur’s concern to place the emphasis on them in this Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. In the face of today’s fierce global economic competition, very often what enables SMEs to survive is technological progress, small as it may be, which is always costly and continuously needing to be worked towards. That is why we should like access to this programme for small organisations to become more than just a pious hope. Information on the support they can claim must target small enterprises effectively, and not only those that have the resources to finance specialised services in the quest for grants. The rules for participation in these programmes must be really simple and transparent, and must not give rise to the prohibitive costs of compiling reports for SMEs. Consistency and complementarity with other European programmes and, in particular, with the Seventh Framework Programme for research and development, must be guaranteed. The demand for better Community regulation that is simpler and more in accordance with the subsidiarity principle must cease to be, as it has been for the last 20 years, the slogan repeated over and over again but never applied. We shall see how it is when we use it."@en1

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