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"Mr President, I would like to take the floor pursuant to Rule 145(1). The minutes of yesterday’s sitting contain a statement by the Chairman of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, Mr Schulz, who said he was also speaking on behalf of the Chairmen of the other groups, Mr Wurtz, Mr Frassoni, Mr Watson and Mr Poettering. His statement contained false assertions which he also ascribed to me as a member of the League of Polish Families. It is untrue that the League of Polish Families, its Chairman and its Deputy Chairman, my son Roman Giertych, or indeed any other member of the party, expressed racist views or called for acts of violence against homosexuals and persons wanting to take part in the equality parade in Warsaw. Mr Schulz and his colleagues have been misinformed. His entire speech is offensive to myself personally, to my party and to Poland. In particular, it is scandalous to compare the League of Polish Families with the German Nazis. It was a democratically elected German Government which had a programme to exterminate homosexuals and other groups of people that it did not like. Such views have never been, are not and will never be held in Poland."@en1

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