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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I beg leave to speak on the basis of Rule 145 of the Rules of Procedure, which has to do with comments of a personal nature in debates. I would like to raise a point of order concerning something that has been said about me. I am referring to a comment made by Mr Rogalski during the sitting last night, and the reason why I am making use of my right to respond is that Mr Rogalski, who has not hitherto made much of a mark on this House – which is why I had no idea who he was – described me as the fruit of the union of Karl Marx and Rosa Luxemburg, which is, of course, a pretty extraordinary thing to say. I am sure that you, Mr President, will understand that I – although this is a biological impossibility – nevertheless take pride in this particular honour, and in the fact that the extreme Right applauded this form of words. That, however, is not the point I want to make. I want to quote a remark that Mr Rogalski made; it had to do with homosexuals, and it was to the effect that homosexuals are useless, since they cannot reproduce themselves. That is the sort of language of which we were critical yesterday, inhuman talk for which there is no place in this House! Since your fellow-President who was in charge of the sitting did not see fit to intervene, I ask that the record be reviewed and that it be ascertained what sanctions this House might impose in response to such an extraordinary statement."@en1

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