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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, it is an important report that we are adopting today, and I am glad that the subject in question is now being focused on. I am particularly pleased about the emphasis now being placed on women as peacemakers. It is the weakest people who are the first victims of wars and other conflicts, namely women, children and the elderly. Women are exposed to horrifying acts of cruelty such as violence, rape and even worse things. Women must not be regarded only as victims, however. Women can make an important contribution to bringing about peace, reintegrating child soldiers and creating political dialogue between the warring parties. It is important that we secure adequate resources for projects in which women can play an active role in resolving conflicts. It is important that we bring about greater cooperation with local women’s organisations and that we insist on the need to integrate the gender aspect into peace research, conflict prevention and conflict resolution. I should like to thank Mrs De Keyser for this important report and for the splendid work she has done, and I hope that the Commission will be receptive to the report and will straight away get some practical work under way that will improve the situation of women in armed conflicts."@en1

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