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"Mr President, sexual violence and torture meted out to women and girls are inseparable from any armed conflict, yet women and girls are far from being no more than victims. There are very many women’s initiatives working for dialogue, peace and reconciliation, and so women are taking an active role with great social potential, and one that the international community must do everything possible to support them in. As I see it, the most important demand in Resolution 1325 is the one that reads: ‘there must be increased representation of women at all decision-making levels in national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms for the prevention, management, and resolution of conflict’. This demand must be actively realised through concrete targets, in the shape, for example, of quotas. Time and time again, doing without quotas is an invitation to opt for the ‘take it or leave it’ approach, and strengthens the hand of those forces who, for whatever reasons, want to keep women out of the political process. I would have liked to see the Commission drawing up quite concrete requirements for how this resolution should be implemented in the short and long terms. It is also quite essential that gender budgeting should be given an important part to play in humanitarian aid. My expectation, then, is that the Commission will come up with some really concrete measures as means of implementing this resolution in practical terms."@en1

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