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"Mr President, I too congratulate the rapporteur on producing a really good report. I shall just deal with two points. I should like to emphasise that the nature of conflicts has changed in recent years, and one of the most tragic changes that has occurred is the rise in sexual violence against women. This has happened because women are considered the bearers of cultural identity and, since sexual violence carries both a symbolic and a political message, it has been turned into a strategy of war. Because of this new style of conflict, there are very few mechanisms to protect girls and women, and it is therefore vital to reinforce preventive measures, but preventive measures cannot be created from nothing. Practical steps need to be taken and thought out and implemented through an early warning and early response system. Sexual violence, rape and prostitution associated with the armed forces are indicators that warn of possible conflicts, as is a reduction in the participation of women in civil society and in political parties, as was seen in the case of Afghanistan. First, then, I want to highlight the importance of this early warning system; secondly, it is essential for women to be included in all stages of the peace process, because they are not caught up in the traditional models of combative behaviour, or not to the same extent as men. That is what needs to be done, but it is not yet happening, and so we are calling for quotas to ensure that women take part in all peace negotiation processes."@en1

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