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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I think it is most important that we should remind ourselves that the Commission really is, in this respect, the guardian of Community law and that it regards the two European anti-discrimination directives as the fundamental instrument in the fight against inequality. It is most stringent in checking to see that they are exactly and fully transposed by the Member States. Thinking back to the situation that prevailed in some places before enlargement, I do believe that some improvements have been made in this respect since then. I do agree with you, though, that there is still a very, very great deal left to be done. There are still more things left for us to do in order to end the vicious circle, and I agree with what was said in this debate to the effect that this is very much a matter in which the Roma themselves bear greater responsibility for doing something for their own women. We must give most particular attention to the multiple discrimination, and one issue that has struck me too as fundamental and to which there has been frequent reference in this debate, is that of education and training; the possibility has been opened up of Roma women breaking out of a tradition that is problematic in some respects and does not always afford them every opportunity, and in future enjoying equality of opportunity under normal conditions. The European Social Fund is an essential tool in this respect, and we will make use of it."@en1

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