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"Mr President, the report of Mrs Lívia Járóka is a historical act, for several reasons. This is the first time that the European Parliament is debating a comprehensive analysis of the situation of Roma women, and is committed to specifying the steps to be taken. It is to be feared that we are less outspoken and firm in acting against discrimination than we were earlier. In respect of the Roma, taking a firm stand for human rights has become particularly urgent following the accession of the ten new Member States, and 2007 will make this excellent report even more relevant. It is the self-identity of the European Union that will determine whether we will be able to move forward in the direction mapped by the report. Do we want to support the education and social integration of Roma children with Community instruments? Are we mobilising financial, legal and political instruments to enable Roma women to find their place in a society in which they have become marginalised? The report takes us forward in this direction with important and clear tasks. Let us not forget them when we debate assistance policy and structural funds. And let us not forget that without an attitude that accepts, accommodates and respects other cultures, even the best-intended assistance offered by the majority society can have damaging effects."@en1

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