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"Mr President, the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment for men and women in terms of access to work and work-related activities must be implemented across a wide range of areas. This is provided for in the directive on which we shall be voting today, which brings together a number of existing Community provisions including the case-law of the European Court of Justice. All Member States must show the political will needed to implement the legislative proposals before us, in order to combat the discrimination that still goes on as regards salaries, access to employment, vocational training, promotion, the kind of harassment and sexual harassment that often comes with such discrimination, and any unfavourable treatment of women in relation to pregnancy or maternity. I also welcome the important recognition that equal treatment in matters of employment and occupation must not be limited to adopting legislative measures and effective legal protection. Awareness-raising campaigns should be set in motion and infrastructure and equipment set up to support infancy, maternity and paternity."@en1

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