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"Mr President, I would like to thank Mrs Niebler for her excellent work. The recast directive to simplify and modernise the issue incorporates the relevant points in this area. Standardisation and definitions are clearly important but, most importantly, what we need now are sanctions. To reconcile work and family life is one of the most urgent issues of the Europe of today and the Europe of the future. There is today no country in the Union that reaches the reproductive levels necessary to avoid extinction. Women want to work. If forced to choose between working and having a family, an increasing number of women choose to work. One of the most obvious forms of discrimination against women is the gender pay gap. For more than 30 years we have had a directive dealing with this, but how much has the situation changed during that time? Not at all. There has been no improvement in this area whatsoever. Will the recast directive change this? It remains to be seen. To put the issue of reconciling work and family life as a top priority, as Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner stated, is very good, but we desperately need sanctions. Nothing less than the future of Europe is at stake."@en1

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