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"Mr President, I greatly welcome the willingness shown by our institutions to address a problem that is constantly and seriously undermining the soundness of our social model. Equality between men and women is in fact a basic principle of Community law and is enshrined in Articles 2 and 3 of the Treaty. Although the European Union is in the forefront as regards the protection of citizens’ and workers’ rights, gender discrimination, both direct and indirect, is unfortunately still the order of the day in many Member States. The very procedures for gaining access to the world of work, the terms and conditions of contracts, and the availability of family support services to parents and relatives of those requiring care, to give just a few examples, seriously interfere in practice with many women’s personal freedom of choice to develop a career to the same level as their male colleagues. The call for the Member States to implement a deterrent system of sanctions for any possible cases of discrimination is therefore a necessary and urgent measure that needs to be promptly adopted by all the competent national authorities."@en1

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