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". Mr President, the principle of equal pay for equal work regardless of gender should be an underlying principle in the civilised world. However, we regard the equal treatment of men and women as discrimination and as being unfair to women, who in the vast majority of cases are mothers and bring up the younger generation. For this reason they should enjoy special protection, not only in respect of employment, but also as regards working conditions. Even under the totalitarian system under which the people of Poland lived, women were, at least on paper, protected by law, and in particular they were able to return to their previous jobs after taking maternity and childcare leave, and also to develop vocationally. For this reason we require specific legal solutions that will not only ensure equal treatment of men and women, but which will also protect women, particularly those of reproductive age and those taking maternity and childcare leave. In national legislations there should be provisions which are more favourable to mothers, including counting time taken off for childcare towards their years of service and for pension purposes, and even the introduction of some kind of financial support for childcare leave, which would reduce unemployment."@en1

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