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"Mr President, I completely support the agreement and genuinely wish to thank the rapporteur, Mrs Niebler, for both her constructive cooperation and her considerable readiness to listen while the work was under way. In spite of the progress with this directive, I wish to sound a note of warning. However good the directive we may be able to produce through the EU system, it is still practical actions that make for changes. For example, we have had the Equal Pay Directive for a very long time indeed. In spite of that, we are still forced to live with wage discrimination on grounds of sex. I regret the fact that we did not make more progress on parental leave. I should have liked to have seen a much more pressing call go out to the Member States to take this issue seriously. We have now had certain wordings introduced, which is constructive, even though I believe them to be inadequate and should have liked us to have made more progress. It means, however, that we must continue with the work at all levels if we are to achieve our aim."@en1

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