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"Mr President, the Prime Minster said that we should try for the four-fifths of Member States before the European Council would be able to – or should – discuss the crisis. But the European Council could, and in my view should, discuss the crisis today. In June, the summit should set itself a rendezvous with a clear decision towards the end of 2007, to establish a fresh intergovernmental conference with the purpose of modifying and improving the Treaty. It should seek to ring-fence the first and second parts. In part three, it should focus on strengthening the economic governance of the Union, advancing the Lisbon Agenda and strengthening the autonomy of the eurozone. Secondly, it should seek to reform the European social model. Thirdly, it should aim to upgrade the combating of climate change to establish a good context for the reform of the common agricultural policy and the construction of a common energy policy. Fourthly, it should speak of the process and threshold of adhesion and flesh out the policy on neighbourhood, which we have in draft form. Finally, it should complete the revision of the financial system of the EU, to produce a fair, transparent and buoyant budget that will permit us to match financial resources to our policy objectives."@en1

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