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"Mr President, I think that the period of discussion and debate is now really beginning, as so far it had been a period of discussion and silence. It is beginning thanks to the parliamentary forum that we held in Brussels last week, which was a real success. It is also being encouraged by Estonia’s decision, the announcement made by Finland, the statement from the Irish Prime Minister, the speech made by Mrs Merkel before the and the words of President Napolitano who, when he took office yesterday, stated clearly that there was no alternative to the European constitutional process. It is being encouraged by all these factors, Commissioner, but not particularly by the words of Mr Barroso. Mr Barroso should be capable of providing the political leadership of a President of the European Commission who helped to draw up the Constitution and is in favour of it. That he should not be so is unbelievable. Yesterday I read your Communication to the Council very carefully. To be honest, it would be more interesting for any citizen to read the first and second parts of the Constitution, which are obviously easier to understand, than this document. Despite all of your good intentions, no one will understand it. What is its objective? What is its purpose? There will be solemn declarations next year saying that we need a Europe of plans rather than a plan for Europe. No, there is no Europe of plans, but a plan for Europe, and that plan is the Constitution. The objective can be nothing other than bringing it into force within the right timeframe, in other words with the changes that need to be made and in a different political context, but without losing our way."@en1

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