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". Mr President, I believe that the most important point of this motion for a resolution is the last point but one, which states, ‘Calls on the Parliament of the Republic of Egypt to engage in a process of democratisation and of enforcement of the rule of law and human rights with a view to it playing a leading role in the region as a future model of parliamentary democracy’. Egypt is fundamental in the Middle East, it is crucial in the Mediterranean and it is, and must continue to be, a privileged partner of the European Union. For all of these reasons, however, there is no question that Egypt must be a democracy. Unfortunately, cases such as that of Mr Nour show us that that is not yet the case. I met Mr Nour at the first session of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, following its creation in March 2005, in Cairo. Thanks to pressure from us, he was released. I met with him, together with Mr McMillan-Scott and Mrs Flautre. He is a democrat and, as far as I am concerned, he must be released, and there is nothing more to say. That is what we want from the Court of Cassation which will meet in May, as a clear sign that Egypt is going to allow freedom of expression, of association and of thought and that everybody will be able to express their views freely during future elections."@en1

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