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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, it is certainly a positive development that Parliament has given its verdict on the subject of Malta’s immigration centres and, what is more, only a few days after the visit by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, in which I was able to take part as a delegate. The resolution adopted, which is the product of the invaluable contribution of all the groups, exposes the seriousness of the situation for the refugees living in inhuman conditions, with virtually no basic sanitation or personal care. The resolution, however, makes it quite clear that Europe is highly responsible for what happens in Malta. It goes without saying that the delegation’s visits to reception centres throughout Europe are not intended for the purposes of rating centres as good or bad. However, the situation in Malta, although a far cry from that of Lampedusa in terms of the occupants’ living conditions, does call to mind that Italian island in terms of its size and reception capacity. I therefore urge the Council to adopt a clear and strong position so that, in line, of course, with the principle of solidarity, we arrive as quickly as possible at a common and fair immigration policy aimed at preventing the costs of these waves of illegal immigrants from burdening only the budgets of a few States on the periphery of southern Europe, which are totally unable to support themselves financially."@en1

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