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"Mr President, I shall focus on three points, because a great deal has been said with which I agree. The first point is that we need to concentrate our attention today, as we debate World Health Day, on prevention. Prevention and investing large amounts in prevention is very important, because it allows the incidence of disease to be limited and, by extension, the cost of treatment and hospital care to be reduced, with obvious beneficial results both for citizens and for the public purse. Improving the health of the population without doubt boosts progress, fortifies citizens by safeguarding a longer, better and more productive life and is the precondition to economic prosperity. Second point: I should like us to focus our attention on those who have given us innovative treatments, innovative medication, inoculations and, in general, the knowledge to combat diseases and those who work with the sick – doctors, nurses and all health workers – and we must apply ourselves in this sector, to see where the gaps are, so that we can have adequacy in this sector. Of course, we will also need to use new knowledge and technologies, such as telemedicine, which is important if we are to offer a modern service. Finally, the third point is the inequalities which exist today in the sector of the supply of health services. Even within the European Union there are inequalities and, of course, there are inequalities on the planet at the moment; we have deaths, we have a high incidence of disease and I think that the European Union should apply itself to this issue and invest money in this sector, because no one can be happy in the middle of unhappiness. With these three points, and agreeing with everything said by my honourable friends, I too should like to pay homage to the people who work with the sick and offer these excellent services."@en1

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