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"Mr President, as has been brought to our attention today, European health services are in a most unsatisfactory state, but things are far worse in Africa. One of the key issues to be dealt with concerning Africa is ensuring that AIDS victims benefit from generic medicines. The latter are certainly much cheaper, but they are still too expensive for Africans. Mr Bowis raised another important issue relating to Africa, namely encouraging individuals trained in Europe to return to their home countries where they are sorely needed. What needs to be done in Europe is to increase the mobility of both patients and medical services. In Poland, for example, it is hard for nurses to find a job paying more than EUR 250 a month, whilst in Belgium hospital wards are being closed due to a shortage of nurses. In addition to mobility, it is important to harmonise recognition of medical and paramedical qualifications. In general, Europe lacks a common health strategy and policy. Finally, I would like to mention the issue of additional investment in research programmes, for instance those working on cancer. It is shameful that such programmes have to be funded by events on television. The money ought to be coming instead from national budgets or perhaps European programmes. We proved capable of mobilising ourselves to respond to the sudden threat of avian influenza, but we do not seem able to overcome deadly diseases that have been with us for a very long time."@en1

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