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"Mr President, 15 months ago, Ukraine fought for democracy, while this time round, it fought a democratic battle, and there is a world of difference in that. It is a step forward, one that deserves our admiration and our greatest respect. The European Union plays a key role in this. That is exactly what the Commission’s delegation in Kiev is doing, and, I might add, doing it in an expert manner. This concrete aid from the Commission and the Member States must now be reinforced at bilateral level. Those ties must now be strengthened in an ambitious manner. There is some support for this, but not enough. Where the European Union was too cowardly to actually condemn Putin’s attitude of unfeeling cynicism towards Belarus, we must now send out a positive sign to the Ukrainians to demonstrate to the Ukrainian people that their choice in favour of democracy also leads to concrete improvements in their day-to-day lives."@en1

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