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". From China to Europe, passing through Russia, not to mention Africa, a huge demographic problem is emerging. The world is growing older. What is worse, in some countries of Europe, the population is declining or is going to decline, as in Germany or Russia. The demographic consequences are well-known: increases in expenditure on health and pensions, the need for millions of jobs providing personal care and a shortage of staff resulting in a migration influx, which has the psychological effect of pushing societies towards cautious, do nothing attitudes and Malthusian ‘no future’ policies, of which the ‘austerity budget pact’ has been the expression since Maastricht. In other words, who is going to pay the taxes to finance this situation? The Gods of the stadium or old people on their last legs? Of course, family policies will endeavour to create contributors and contributions. While we wait, however, for the increase in the birth rate and, hence, new workers, in the vacuum of the next 20 years unfolding before us, the Belgian, Dutch or Swiss laws on euthanasia, dressed up as the right to choose one’s own death, demonstrate the ‘Journey to the End of the Night’ that the policies, especially in Europe, have begun."@en1

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