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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, before boarding my flight yesterday to come to Brussels today, I shouted out ‘Pensioners, take a stand!’, as I always do. I turned around and saw that elderly people and young people were following me because, in the Pensioners’ Party, everyone works together, whether old or young. The report by Mr Bushill-Matthews – whom I thank for his customary diligence – rightly talks about solidarity between the generations. Mr President, everyone – young people and pensioners alike – has asked me the following question, which is one that I also ask myself: should it be the elderly who provide for the young or, on the contrary, should it be the young who provide for the elderly? Undoubtedly it is the elderly that, after having given their entire lives to society and to everyone in it, are supposed, even as senior citizens, to hand over their pensions to young people. I believe that the governments of the 25 EU Member States would like this to happen, but are we really sure that it would be the best solution? Might not a better solution be for young people to finally give elderly people the recognition that they deserve? Long live pensioners!"@en1

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