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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, this House has provided a major impetus to the development of European political parties. We now have 10 party families, which shows the variety of our political culture. This report marks the start of a new stage that is to simplify the work of these parties. European parties are a necessary part of European democracy, and we hope, above all, that the parties nominate top candidates for the office of Commission President before the next European elections, so that the public has the choice between personalities and programmes and is able to participate in deciding what kind of Europe it wants. I should like to thank the party Chairman and Secretary-General for their important suggestions. This budget heading is one of the few for which Parliament itself is responsible, and so I would also thank the Bureau and the administration of this House for their truly good management of this delicate budget heading for the European parties. I would ask the House to adopt the report."@en1

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