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". Mr President, I would like to thank you once again for the valuable contribution that the European Parliament has been making to this very important area. I am very impressed with the overwhelming support that I have seen here in Parliament today. We have a lot of work ahead of us. The year 2006 will be particularly challenging, with a number of key issues to be addressed: firstly, the biofuel targets in the context of the review of the Biofuels Directive; secondly, the possibility of increasing the blend of biofuels into conventional fuels – work is already under way to review the Fuel Quality Directive; and thirdly, the energy crop regime, which we will also review this year. All the different actions are set out in the biomass action plan and the biofuels strategy, which must be put on track this year. There is plenty to do and we are very dedicated. This is why we have set up a new unit in my department with special responsibility for biomass and biofuels. We will also continue to find ways of encouraging the enormous economic, social and environmental potential of non-food applications, particularly those highlighted in the report. I firmly believe that the whole economy stands to gain from the contribution which renewable bio-resources can make to ensuring a sustainable future for Europe."@en1

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