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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to start by offering my sincere thanks to our rapporteur, Mr Parish, who has done a very good job in producing this own-initiative report. In view of current events, mixtures of all energy sources and the share of total energy demand accounted for by renewable energy are the most topical issues of the day. We must seize this opportunity in the interests of the widespread use of non-food crops. Following the agricultural reforms, farmers can cultivate energy crops on set-aside land, but alongside food production, which remains a priority. This initial step must be followed up, however, which means that we need to strengthen research and development, extending to modern economic biotechnology. What are important are market-integration aids and concentration on competitiveness, which means that it is important to give the promotion of bioenergy from non-food crops, which makes sense from an ecological point of view, a basis that is economically viable in the long term. We still need more jobs in rural areas."@en1

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