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"I also wish to congratulate Mr Parish on his report, which I welcome. This extremely important initiative highlights a problem that all of us must endeavour to combat. Firstly, I feel that crops for non-food purposes can make a significant contribution to Europe's energy sector, which is the subject of ongoing analysis. It is increasingly important to ensure energy security in the EU and greater autonomy in relation to the world outside the EU. I feel, in this regard, that the use of biofuels could make a positive contribution. Furthermore, I also believe that the promotion of crops for non-food purposes will be of great benefit from an agricultural point of view, especially with regard to energy crops, which could bring fresh hope for the future of European farming, and to the much-misunderstood CAP. The search for alternatives to keep agriculture alive is of urgent importance, given the bleak future forecast for Europe’s food production, which faces competition from countries with fewer social and environmental concerns and where low cost production is permissible."@en1

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