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"Mr President, Commissioner, I too would like firstly to congratulate the rapporteur, Mr Parish, on the work he has done in the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. The resolution that the European Parliament is going to issue today praises the Commission’s initiatives to promote non-food crops and, given their crucial importance, calls upon it to implement them as soon as possible. Initiatives such as the biomass plan or the new legislation on biofuels are awaited with particular interest in depressed rural areas and those experiencing specific difficulties. For example, in my country, Spain, non-food crops are in fact seen as a genuine socio-economic solution for those areas which have already been affected by the reduction or disappearance of indigenous crops, as in the case of the recent COMs in cotton and beet. In order for these crops to be a genuine alternative, however, we must guarantee their viability by means of a policy on prices and fiscal incentives. The Commissioner is well aware that it is not just a question of offering solutions to farmers in difficulties. Through this new initiative, our environment will be improved as a result of the contribution of clean fuels. Business will be done, but at the same time we will be combating depopulation. In other words, we will all be winners. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to ask the Commission whether it intends to listen to this Parliament and, as our resolution states, draw up a recommendation to the Member States on fiscal incentives and reductions of duties and taxes. As we are all very well aware, an action of this type, which would not be legislative, would be of great assistance in terms of promoting the use of renewable energy and stimulate the cultivation of the raw materials that make it possible. I believe that we must not miss this opportunity. The extremely important energy debate is opening up at a time when we are in the midst of discussions in this Parliament."@en1

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