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"Mr President, there is no doubt that biomass belongs to the future of European energy supply. In supporting it, however, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past, by which I mean, primarily, that we have to give the market more of a chance. For this reason, I ask that an EU internal market for biomass or long-term subsidies not be introduced immediately. We must not go back down the route of farm subsidies, only to realise a few years later that our well-meaning policy is incompatible with WTO requirements. Instead, we must recognise that rising oil prices make the cultivation of biomass interesting even without state support. Only where the critical mass for market integration is lacking should political support be introduced, and then, support programmes must be for a limited period and on a decreasing basis, and progress must be permitted. Genetic engineering springs to mind: particularly in the case of energy crops, this has the potential to bring vital economic benefits in global competition. Therefore, there are good free-market prospects for renewable raw materials in Europe. Politicians must supply the framework to enable this delicate plant to become a strong energy source."@en1

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