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". Mr President, I am a supporter of the development of biofuels as one of the many answers national governments need to the impending energy crisis. Since the European Union has so profoundly failed to protect my country from price-fixing by European energy companies, the need becomes even greater. However, I do not believe in pan-European actions on these matters, particularly in relation to setting obligatory targets. The EU’s obsession with one-size-fits-all policy-making leads to the encouragement of quick-fix solutions from national governments. We are going down that route in Britain with wind turbine technology. Our countryside is in the process of being turned into a monstrous Meccano set for the sake of meeting renewable energy targets dreamed up by the European Commission. The other problem is the propensity for the EU to bring in legislative regimes well ahead of the ability of national governments to create the necessary infrastructure to support them. Again my country has suffered, not least with the growing mountains of refrigerators awaiting disposal. Interest groups in favour of bio-diesel development should lobby the national government, not Brussels. Our own government is much better placed to come up with suitable proposals for encouraging the sensible development of biofuels in Britain than the EU, which is likely to introduce a regime that will not suit us all. Each nation’s needs are different and it is about time the EU took that on board."@en1

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