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"Thank you Madam President. The brave people in October Square are writing their country’s history. They are doing this because they are breaking down the wall of fear and apathy which was reigning in Belarus. This is a huge slap in the face for those who do not believe in democracy. And they are risking everything: their job, their studies, their family, their lives. In spite of the threats, since last Sunday the courageous youths of October Square were able to hold a daily vigil of courage, a vigil which will go on until next Saturday at the least. We insist that no violence is used against these people. For us this will be unacceptable. A number of these young people have been expelled from university because they are demonstrating. Now we must show in practice the solidarity which we have been talking about for so long. If things do not improve, we have to give these young people a place to study in European universities here among us. The words we have been uttering for so long have to become facts. The signal has been given and the writing is on the wall for those who want to read it. Nobody is deluding himself by anything. However, from now on, the question will be who is going to be able to resist longer. We cannot come up with excuses. We cannot hide behind bureaucratic or diplomatic obstacles in order to come to the help of these democratic forces. The initiative of broadcasting to this country is a good step in the right direction, but frankly, I do not know what has become of it. Apart from that, we must not shirk our responsibility simply because we took this initiative. What is happening in Belarus is our business because it is happening at home. Thank you."@en1

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