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"Mr President, President Barroso’s quotation from Montesquieu prompted me to search the annual policy strategy for a clue as to what the Commission proposes to do with the Constitution. There are no clues. A policy strategy that fails to address the principal political blockage in front of the Union should be assessed fairly critically. Without the Constitution, the Union will fail to have the capacity to act to fulfil the Commission’s ambitions for it. Public opinion will remain sceptical about the European project and, without the support of public opinion, the Commission will lack the necessary clout inside the Council. The classical function of the Commission would be to broker an agreement between the warring partners in a crisis. I hope that Mr Barroso, when he addresses the parliamentary forum on 9 May, will be able to lay out a comprehensive Commission strategy towards finding a way out of the crisis. For all the value we find in Plan D, the best way to boost trust through action will be to salvage the Constitution. Perhaps it is now time for Plan B."@en1

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