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"Madam President, please excuse me for taking up a little time before we begin Questions to the Commission, but I wish to express my surprise, even consternation, at what has happened to one of the questions that I had presented specifically for this sitting. While last week I was told that my question on the maintenance or modification of the decision to reduce the number of Spanish translators in the European Commission was going to be the third question to be replied to during this Question Time, last night I received a communication indicating that the President of Parliament had judged my question to be inadmissible. I have received a letter today from Mr Harald Rømer, the Deputy Secretary-General, in which he explains to me that this decision has been made because an oral reply was given to a similar question from me in February. Mr Rømer has surely only read the title of my question, which is the same, but has not read the text. The text of my question in February and that of my question this month are entirely different. Could anybody tell me, for example, when the Commission has said whether it is going to reduce the number of translators in the Spanish service to 67 by the end of the year or how it is going to sustain such a decision at the next European Union-Latin America Summit, which will take place in Vienna. I do not accept the statement that my question is inadmissible. I believe that it infringes my rights as a Member of Parliament, and I demand that my question receive a reply, if not during this sitting, then next month."@en1

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