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"Madam President, Hamas’s election victory is certainly not good news for democrats and progressives, nor for people on the left, but that victory has been the result of fair elections, and we must acknowledge that. There is therefore one thing we must be pleased about: Hamas is now in the political game, and that is progress. And in order to draw it further into the political game, we must be able also to incorporate it fully into the relations between the Palestinian National Authority and the European Union. I would like to point out that the first time that a Hamas representative elected at these elections meets with the European Union may well be within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly which will take place on 26 and 27 March. And then the new Israeli Members of Parliament following the elections in that country will come there. Let us all therefore contribute in that shared forum to dialogue and a democratic modernisation of Hamas which will benefit everybody."@en1

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