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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I deplore the methods used to arrive at the drafting of the joint resolution. I consider it unacceptable that the talks were shamefully held in private, without the involvement of the group that I represent. I am well aware, of course, that all the political groups are equal, but evidently some are more ‘equal’ than others. My group firmly believes that there should be no room in a democracy for injustices or discrimination on the grounds of gender, race or religion. I have, however, felt it necessary to reject a resolution that is not mine and which, above all, contains paragraphs that in my view are inconsistent with the purpose of the document itself. I read that homosexuals should be fully recognised as victims of the Nazi regime: of course they were! Does that mean, however, that other persecutions were perhaps less serious? Are we forgetting the cruelty they suffered under Communist regimes, and under others too? Given that the freedom to express one’s own sexuality has to be guaranteed, I believe that it should always be exercised with respect for the values and principles that set our society apart. The family has always meant a father and a mother, a man and a woman, and I do not believe that the European Union, by promoting campaigns against hypothetical discrimination, can give itself the right to ride roughshod over national governments just to endorse the wishes of certain not exactly worthy lobbying groups. The European Union cannot act on matters of values, culture and the family as if it were dealing with the single market, asking the Member States to legalise homosexual unions for the sake of uniformity and a misplaced duty to protect people’s rights; instead, it would be running the risk of undermining the system of values that lies at the heart of our age-old society."@en1

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