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"Mr President, sugar reform is first and foremost a social problem for farmers and workers in Europe and in the developing world. For social justice to be successful on a world scale, the European market has to be opened up. This reform is inevitable and painful, but if you have to jump through fire, you may as well make a good job of it. The Commissioner succeeded in making an enormous leap, the Council managed a smaller jump and this House would like to take a somewhat smaller jump still. Workers and farmers are worried, though, and are right to demand strong social guarantees. In that sense, the restructuring fund is vital. Thanks to the pressure we have exerted, we now have a bigger restructuring fund, which is important. We would like the fund to grow even more, for workers want more than retraining. They want alternative employment when their factories close down. Bio-ethanol is a solution, provided it can be produced using low levels of energy. More funding is needed for research into this. Only in that way is a social and sustainable future for the sector possible. Only in that way can the sector accept this reform."@en1

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