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". Mr President, the turbulent proceedings surrounding the approval of the Barroso Commission seem like a long time ago. Some of the fallout is probably reflected in the new framework agreement between the Commission and Parliament, notably that if Parliament were to withdraw its confidence in any Member of the Commission, the President will either sack that Commissioner or come before Parliament and explain why not. But it is necessary too for Parliament, as well as for the Commission, to reflect upon the outcome of the approval procedure. Parliament needs to do so from its own perspective. This report, passed by a large majority of the committee, will be the product of that review. The key to our resolve will be to secure an approval procedure that is transparent, fair and consistent; a procedure in which the Commission candidates disclose relevant information as to his or her professional capacity to do the job to which he or she will be assigned. The report sets out our criteria for the assessment of candidates, including European commitment and the gender balance that is achieved across the whole team. It codifies the procedure for the approval process, the organisation of the hearings, the questions, the issues of transparency and the decision-making process of each committee. To achieve both greater clarity and coherence it is proposed that a joint meeting of the Conference of Committee Chairs and the Conference of Presidents should be charged with the task of declaring the hearings closed. We assert our right to follow the same procedure should there be a casual vacancy from the Commission during its five-year mandate. Finally, we ask that the next parliamentary elections be brought forward from June to May 2009 so that we will have more chance to prepare the approval process properly. Mr President, Commissioner Frattini, both Parliament and Commission have learned a great deal from our experience of 2004. The democratic accountability of the Union is hereby strengthened. I commend the report to the House."@en1

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