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"Mr President, in order to control bird flu, the EU must, obviously, remove the taboos that surround vaccination. The EU should also focus much more on the source in South-East Asia. A number of Member States have set up sound bilateral projects over there, and the FAO has played a coordinating role in this. The Commission should build on this by financially supporting initiatives of the EU Member States in South-East Asia and by leaving the coordination to the FAO. That would be the most efficient way of going about things. Many thousands of people in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries have been in contact with the virus and obviously, many of them have developed antibodies. There is no data available on this. The Commission could, and indeed should, help fund a study into this very area. More can be done within the EU too. Water birds are not nearly monitored enough, which is essential, after all, because the low-pathogenic virus is spread much more widely than imagined. That is not new or unusual, but accurate monitoring is essential. In short, I urge you to support bilateral initiatives of the Member States in South-East Asia, fund research, support the FAO’s coordination and organise more monitoring at European level. Finally, the European Parliament must set up an interim committee for avian influenza, as it did during the BSE crisis."@en1

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