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"Madam President, the Euro-Mediterranean process is ten years old and the first conclusion to draw is that, had it not existed, it would have to be invented urgently, quite simply because, as the report by our rapporteur Mrs Jäätteenmäki states, despite its shortcomings, it has been a success. It was an unimaginable challenge: to resolve the structural and historical problems of the Mediterranean countries in one decade. But we have been working hard and we are beginning to find a solution to some of those problems. I therefore believe that the objective of a free trade area by 2010, rather than being a final objective, must be a stepping stone from which to move forward, and many other things must be added. We must enhance, at the same time as reforming, the Euro-Mediterranean process; we must stress the fundamental idea that inspired it and, in this case, transform potential achievements into a tangible reality. Furthermore, the international situation demonstrates that the Euro-Mediterranean process is the best way to promote cooperation. Other strategies, based on aggression and threats, do not yield results. Nevertheless, the premium for moving forward, which is at the heart of this Euro-Mediterranean process, is proving to be effective. For example, I chaired the Delegation of European Parliament Observers at the legislative elections in the Lebanon, a Euro-Mediterranean partner; there have been elections, with problems, it is true, but there have been elections. And in other States as well, democratic progress has been made, although regrettably, in others, nothing is changing. Let us move forward in democracy, human rights and equality. I would naturally like to stress the good aspects of your proposal. Let us also consider that we need a Euro-Mediterranean area of freedom, security and justice, let us accompany the free trade area with the essential concept of economic, social and territorial cohesion, which is as valid for our partners as it is for us, and let us also promote political participation. The Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly is an extraordinary success. We had the ACP-EU Assembly and this is the second institution we have created. I therefore believe, Madam President, that the Barcelona Summit will be positive, because it will enable us to create a Euro-Mediterranean citizenship within a process, the Euro-Mediterranean process, which is the best concrete manifestation of the proposed alliance of civilisations."@en1

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