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"Mr President, I am sorry to see, judging from what previous speakers have said, that talks between the SPD and the CDU on forming the Grand Coalition are not progressing so smoothly. I find it extraordinary that those who have profited so much from European integration in terms of prosperity, security and liberal democracy should now refuse to extend those prizes towards Turkey. However, I agree with Mr Poettering that it is important for us to accentuate the Union's capacity to absorb that country. I wonder whether the President-in-Office could indicate whether he agrees with us that we need European settlement of the Constitution before Turkey and Croatia are able to accede. Would he also agree that the Cyprus problem will remain intractable and the Balkans fractious and unstable should the Union refuse membership to Turkey? Would he say what steps the Presidency will take to promote efforts to open up financial and trade relations with Northern Cyprus once accession negotiations have been started successfully?"@en1

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